Settlement Protection Trust

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Same-day Distributions

In most cases approved distribution requests may be turned around in as little as one business day. With various distribution options like wires, checks, automatic distribution and point of sale cards, we deliver the flexibility beneficiaries need.

Our settlement trust types cover an entire spectrum of settlement needs.

1st Party (Self-Settled) Settlement Protection Trust™

The Settlement Protection Trust™ is the most cost-effective, trust-based solution for those seeking to avoid the “retention risk” penalty of using a pooled trust. The Settlement Protection Trust™ can structure distributions as taxable to ensure the beneficiary qualifies for available tax subsidies and credits.

1st Party (Self-Settled)(d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust (SNT)

The 1st Party (Self-Settled) (d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust (SNT) is established under 42 USC 1396p (d)(4)(A). Predominantly utilized by a disabled beneficiary that cannot otherwise qualify for Medicaid because their assets are too great. By using EPTC’s  Settlement Protection Trust with Special Needs provisions, (SNT), a beneficiary is able to preserve their eligibility for government benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid, while maintaining access to their settlement award.

Combination 1st Party (Self-Settled) Special Needs Trust (SNT) + Medicare Set-Aside Trust (MSA)

The combination 1st Party (Self-Settled) Special Needs Trust (SNT) + Medicare Set-Aside Trust (MSA) is a combination of two robust trust types, maximizing an individual’s government benefits, Medicare benefits, and settlement proceeds with a Medicare set-aside option.

Our Settlement Protection Trust Advantages 

May be established as a (d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust or Settlement Protection Trust™
Integrates with QSF360™ for single and multi-claimant events
Integrates with C3BR™ for court ordered blocked, restricted, and custodial accounts for minors, incompetent adults, or unlocatable persons
Offers a combination SNT+MSA trust type
Dedicated team of experienced professionals who review and process requests
Supporting document library, 24/7 online access to balance, positions, statements, transaction history, and more
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