Eastern Point Trust Company is a multi-state non-depository, trust company and custodian with over three decades of trust experience.

For 30 years, our commitment to our company values have helped create an environment that puts client success first – which is a reason why our institutional and retail client relationships continue to grow. Eastern Point Trust has become the fastest growing trust company in the United States through the administration of trusts related to some of the most recognized cases in recent history.

Fiduciary Expertise

Our staff is comprised of internationally recognized fiduciary and trust experts that Federal and State courts regularly rely upon related to expert testimony, trust construction, administration, and fiduciary matters. As a recognized international leader in the trust industry.

Our diverse fiduciary expertise and experience consist of:

  • Qualified Settlement Fund administration (QSF360)
  • Custodial Account, Settlement Trust, and Corporate Escrow Account Services
  • Rabbi & Restricted Trust administration and trustee services
  • Guardianship and Custodial Trust administration and trustee services
  • First  and Third Party Special Needs Trust administration and trustee services
  • Administration and trustee services
  • Institutional  Corporate Trust administration and trustee services
  • Court Ordered Trust administration and trustee services
  • Foreign and Domestic trust services

Government Regulated

Eastern Point provides the safety and security that comes from utilizing a licensed and regulated institutional trust company. Unlike providers who operate under no ongoing government agency supervision or audit, EPTC provides the peace of mind that only comes from having a regulated trust company as the fiduciary.

Complaint and Risk Averse

With our independent internal and external compliance audit processes, we provide an unmatched level of compliance and risk avoidance ensuring adherence to all applicable court, state and federal requirements as well as asset safekeeping.

Eastern Point is one of the only financial service firms in the country to have a perfect compliance record since its historical inception in 1986. With a robust system of checks and balances, along with independent internal and external compliance audit processes, we provide an unmatched level of compliance and risk avoidance that ensures adherence to all relevant court,state and federal requirements (including Dodd-Frank and Bank Secrecy Act), as well as asset safekeeping. Eastern Point’s securities trading and holding activities are audited and regulated subject to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and state security regulators – which provides our clients with the assurance of continual oversight that most other trustees do not offer.

Investment Management

Eastern Point provides a robust set of hypothetical model portfolios for institutional and retail clients. Our hypothetical model portfolios comprise an array of the seven (7) primary investment objectives covering the entire spectrum of risk tolerance, from Capital Preservation to Aggressive Growth.

While each hypothetical model portfolio was founded with a different goal in mind, each is based and governed on a multi-factored risk tolerance and suitability process governed by an experienced, independent investment committee in accordance to a specific hypothetical model portfolio’s investment policy statement.

For our clients who prefer to manage their portfolio themselves, custom portfolio management resources are readily available including access to over 19,000 mutual funds and ETFs.

Industry Leader in Trust Technology

Eastern Point Trust Company leverages intellectual property, including patents and registered trademarks, behind our proprietary trust technology, TrustWare™, Trustcode™ and other industry leading offerings exclusive to EPTC.

Benefits of an Independent Trust Company

  • No competing settlement
  • Insurance products
  • Lien resolution
  • No Client Poaching
  • Deferrals