Qualified Settlement Fund
QSF360™ the fastest and most affordable QSF solution ever created. The only "end to end" online turnkey solution administered by a regulated trust company.
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Revolutionizing the
Qualified Settlement Fund Industry

There are Qualified Settlement Funds and then there is QSF360™

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Experience Matters

We've administered trusts for some of the most recognized cases in US history and Globally. We've handled all or a portion of the following QSFs listed.
BP Oil Spill / Deepwater Horizon
San Francisco Herring Fisheries
Asbestos ( Mesothelioma)
NFL Concussion
Madoff International recovery fund
Air Philippines flight 531
Indonesia Jet Crash flight 152
Stryker knee
Vizio TV
Medtronic, INC.
Lipitor type2 diabetes

Same Day Distribution

The process is designed to be fast and easy so that anyone in your firm
can design a Qualified Settlement Fund.

15 Min
Online Approval

Provides a complete, online qualified settlement fund solution.
Submit online approval form ( 15 minutes )
Receive approval documents online ( 1-2 days )
Fund the QSF by wire or check.
Access account documents, balance and statements
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Trusted by Thousands of Users Worldwide

Eastern Point’s patented trust creation technology has been trusted by over 20,000 users from across the world to design trusts of all sizes and complexities.

$360 Per Trust Creation

Create a QSF360™ trust account powered by our patented technology TrustWare™ system, the fastest distribution processor in the industry.
$360 Per Trust Creation
$360 Annual Trustee Fee
24/7 online access
FDIC insured Money Market Accounts
Tax preparation and filing
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You're in
Good company

Our clients cannot afford to compromise on security and quality of service. That’s why they choose Eastern Point Trust Company.
Office of the Public Guardian/Guardian ad litem
Financial Institutions
Settlement Planners
Law Firms
Investment Advisors
Mediators, Courts, School Districts & Municipalities/Counties/Towns

Single-Claimant & Multi-Claimant Capable

Eastern Point offers support for both single-claimant and multi-claimant qualified settlement funds pursuant to Regs. § 1.468-1(c)(2).

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QSF360™ Advantage

Discover the advantages of QSF360™ Powered by EPTC’s patented technology TrustWare™ system, the fastest distribution processor in the industry.
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Requirements of a Qualified Settlement Fund

A quick look at the requirements to establish a QSF pursuant to § 1.468B-1 (c).
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Establishing a Qualified Settlement Fund

Insight on QSF creation and common practices.
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QSF360™ Fees

Our fees cover a continuum of services from account set-up to fund closing.
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