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Increasing the amount plaintiffs keep in taxable cases. Without it, plaintiffs are taxed on proceeds paid to their lawyers.
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Reducing Taxes in Taxable Cases

The Recovery Trust is based on a commonly used estate planning arrangement. Formal tax opinions are available for a minimal fee from a firm of 1,000+ advisors.

Avoid Unnecessary Taxes

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Increasing Your After-Tax Recovery

Plaintiffs often keep half of what they should, paying tax on winnings their lawyers keep. Lawyers then pay tax on the same money. The Recovery Trust avoids this "Double Tax."

Fees on Savings

Our fee is 20% of your savings.

Significant Savings

In a typical taxable case, our solution grows your net recovery by more than 70%.

Damages That Will Benefit

Punitive damages & interest
Alimony & child support
Emotional distress without physical injury
Fraud, negligence, breach of contract
Interference with property/contract
Defamation, libel, privacy violations
Professional malpractice
Opt-in class actions

Damages That Won’t Benefit

Physical injury without punitives/interest
Claims for your business or a capital asset
Some discrimination claims
Some employment claims

The Recovery Trust At Work

If your injury claim is owned by the Recovery Trust, you're not taxed on winnings paid out in legal fees. Instead, you pay tax only on the amount you keep.

Approved Deferral

The Recovery Trust supports deferral arrangements of all kinds and durations. Once created, the Recovery Trust distributes ownership of your future payments.
Non-Qualified Assignments
Qualified Assignments
Post-QSF Structures
Structured Fees

Deferring More

Often, plaintiffs structure less in order to pay taxes on the fee portion of their settlement. The Recovery Trust avoids those taxes, allowing larger or longer payments.

Advisors, Planners, & Brokers

Advisors, planners, and brokers are critical to informing plaintiffs about arrangements like the Recovery Trust. We share 10% of our current and future fees with you on cases brought by lawyers you refer. Thank you for helping their clients avoid unnecessary taxation.
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