Confidential Settlement Solutions

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination settlements are complex. Eastern Point Trust provides custom confidential escrow trust solutions and services for alleged sexual harassment, paternity, nondisclosure, discrimination cases, and other similar circumstances.

With over three decades of experience in protecting personal privacy and ensuring conformance with settlement terms, Eastern Point Trust has successfully provided confidential settlement solutions have for high profile and politically exposed clients. Whether your client is the accused or accusor Eastern Point Trust’s confidential operational escrow process and privacy controls ensure the highest level of anonymity and safety.

Key features include;

• Anonymous escrow trust creation
• Confidential payments management
• No government or public reporting of the funding source
• Single and Multi-year payment steams
• Supports continuing performance requirements
• Operates under the terms of the settlement agreement
• Funding anonymity
• Operationally independent
• Tax reporting of payments (if applicable)
• Supports residual beneficiaries without compromising NDA
• Compatible with funding insurance products
• Includes clawback provisions
• Confidential reporting options
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