Special Needs Trust Establishment and Administration
Ennhancing the lives of Special Needs Trust beneficiaries by utilizing patented trust technology to empower and protect.

Eastern Point Trust provides a full suite of Special Needs Trust Services

The lowest Special Needs Trust fees in the industry, same-day distributions, team of available experts, and 24/7 online account access. Eastern Point Trust Company’s mission is to enhance the lives of Special Needs Trust beneficiaries by providing industry leading low-cost trust solutions to empower and protect.


Experienced team of experts committed to providing rapid response to client inquiries.
  • EPTC’s SNT Rapid Response Commitment ensures you will receive an answer from a dedicated member of our SNT care team within one business day of your inquiry with a goal of same day response!
  • Real time responsiveness via phone, email and message features
  • Standard operating hours of 9am–4pm ET, with next
    business day responses for anything received after hours


Patented technology delivers industry leading account access and transparency.
24/7 Online account access to:
  • Statements
  • Real time accounting
  • Document library
  • Distribution requests and statuses
  • Messaging features and custom reports


Patented technology saves time and delivers the fastest distributions in the industry.
  • Trusts established in as little as one business day
  • Same day distributions
  • Real time accounting

Low Cost Leader By A Mile

Industry leaders in low cost trust solutions

  • Set up fees ($249)
  • Trust minimums as low as ($15,000) accepted
  • Competitive Annual fees (50-15bps cascading fee schedule, based on trust size)
  • No charge on incoming funding events
  • No hidden fees—fully transparent/disclosed

Eastern Point’s Technology is The Success Factor Behind All of Our Products

Patented trust administration technology radically drives down cost,
saves time, and allows for the fastest distribution time in the industry
Online distributions
Online statement access
Real time account activity
Automatic notifications
Messaging features
Document library

One Stop Shop

End to end solution providing support throughout the entire life cycle of the trust–one stop shop, we’ve done all the work so you don’t have to!
Regulated Fiduciary/Trustee with decades of industry specific experience
Most SNT providers and trustees are unregulated Not-for-Profits with no oversight and usury fees
Most SNT providers are not bound by a Fiduciary Duty
Oversight gives clients peace of mind and added security that their assets are protected
Trust Officer Onsite Travel
Executive member of the team of trust officers available to travel when necessary to speak with local courts and/or representatives. *(minimum trust size requirement)
Title Support
Purchases Requiring Title
EPTC facilitates the purchase of a home, car, ATV., etc. and places the property into a property trust to protect remaining assets
Advisor Friendly
Many SNT providers force their clients into a pooled Trust’s Holdings Asset Allocation and Portfolio with little to no options
EPTC provides asset allocation options and are able to work with an outside financial advisor of your choice
Trust Holdings Asset Allocation and Portfolio
Thousands of available asset options
Multiple asset allocation models to select from
Self-design options available *(minimum trust size requirement)

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Questions You Should Ask a Potential Trustee

Q: Are they regulated?
A: EPTC is regulated with FINRA and SEC oversight, ensuring you receive the absolute highest standard of account service and protection.
Q: Are they a fiduciary?
A: EPTC serves as a fiduciary, meaning, we have an obligation to act in the best financial interest of our clients, not all others do.
Q: Do they charge for incoming funding events?
A: Unlike many others in the industry EPTC does not charge on any incoming funding events.
Q: Do they have professional trust accounting software?
A: EPTC is the only company in the industry that has developed and utilized their own patented trust technology systems teamed with trust specific accounting software to ensure accurate accounting, reduce any human error, and service their trusts most efficiently.
Q: Do they have licensed attorneys on staff?
A: EPTC has on site licensed attorneys who provide real time guidance relative to the establishment and ongoing maintenance of the trust and its distributions.
Q: Do they have experienced financial professionals on staff?
A: EPTC has handpicked professionals in a multitude of fields, including finance, to offer you a superior trust experience.
Q: Are they advisor friendly?
A: Many SNT providers force their clients into a pooled investment with little to no options, EPTC provides asset allocation options and are able to work with an outside financial advisor of your choice.
Q: Will I have easy access to my documents and accounting?
A: While others may only provide monthly statements, some of which may only be available upon request, EPTC allows you 24/7 online access to: transactions, statements, balance, and reporting.
Q: Will they assist with purchases requiring a title, i.e. home, vehicle, etc.?
A: EPTC’s dedicated team of representatives are experienced in assisting with purchases requiring title work to ensure you risk for liability is minimized and your assets are protected.
Q: How quickly does their distribution decision process turnaround time take?
A: Whereas others can take an average of weeks to make a distribution decision and process a payment, EPTC stands by their commitment to execute same day distributions for requests received, in good order, prior to the daily 1pm ET cutoff.
Q: Do they have more than 1 billion dollars of benefits under administration?
A: EPTC does, this proves stabilization and security of your funds when placed with us.
Q: Does the trustee have the experience and knowledge necessary to perform the services to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities?
A: Administering a special needs trust can be a complex process and it is critical to have an experienced team of experts administering the trust with a compressive knowledge of maintaining public benefits. EPTC has decades of industry experience and a perfect compliance record.
Q: Will they be able to make objective decisions to administer the trust as you intended, while treating beneficiaries fairly and impartially?
A: Unlike some trust administrators EPTC serves not only as Trustee but also as a fiduciary, meaning they are legally obligated to act in the best financial interest of their clients.
Q: Can the trustee provide continuity in administration of the trust, keeping up with changing laws and spanning multiple generations if necessary?
A: EPTC can! Unlike traditional brick and mortar trust companies who have uniquely drafted trust documents for each client, EPTC’s technology and streamlined trust creation process allows for all trusts to be updated as trust laws change, as well as our in-house counsel who continually reviews changes to trust law and ensures our documents are up to date.
Q: Will they be accessible whenever your beneficiaries have a request, question, or need? What kind of service will the trustee provide?
A: EPTC prides itself on its’ client response team. With standard operating hours from 9am-4pm ET, most client concerns are addressed the moment you call in. With a commitment to respond to all inquiries within one business day.
Q: Is the cost of hiring this trustee competitive relative to the industry, and relative to the services and experience provided?
A: EPTC is the low-cost leaders; significantly beating even the industry’s average cost.
(Link to trustee fees price comparison; to be provided)
Q: Does the trustee offer only a pooled D4C or do they offer a D4A trust?
A. PTC offers D4A Special Needs Trusts & D4C Pooled Special Needs Trust Options.
What is a Special Needs Trust? 1st Party (Self-Settled)(d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust (SNT) The 1st Party (Self-Settled) (d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust (SNT) is established under 42 USC 1396p (d)(4)(A). Predominantly utilized by a disabled beneficiary that cannot otherwise qualify for Medicaid because their assets are too great. By using EPTC’s Settlement Protection Trust with Special Needs provisions, (SNT), a beneficiary is able to preserve their eligibility for government benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid, while maintaining access to their settlement award.
The settlement that funds the trust will not be considered a countable asset.
Maintain government benefits.
More flexibility and control.
Q: Can the trustee facilitate a trust that also requires an MSA?
A: EPTC offers the combination 1st Party (Self-Settled) Special Needs Trust (SNT) + Medicare Set-Aside Trust (MSA) is a combination of two robust trust types, maximizing an individual’s government benefits, Medicare benefits, and settlement proceeds with a Medicare set-aside option.
Q: Is your trustee willing to travel to meet with advisors, settlement planners, the court, etc.? What are my Trust Holding Asset Allocation Options?
A: EPTC is, contact us for more information.


Q: How expensive is it?
A: Find out here.
Q: How does this impact my benefits?
A: Learn more here.
Q: How do I view my account balance, activity, history, statements, and customizable reports?
A: By simply logging on to your client portal you can access all of these features, 24/7, in real time.
Click here to create your account
Q: What if I need assistance?
A. Support hours 9am-4pmET Mon- Fri
Phone 855-222-7513
Q: How can I access the funds?
A. Online accounts access
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