Special Needs Trust+

The fastest and most affordable comprehensive special needs trust solution in America.

Special Needs Trust+ is a total trust solution that allows you to create a trust, invest the funding and enjoy an experienced, regulated trustee to oversee the account to ensure the beneficiary’s funding needs are met while preserving government benefits and protecting assets.

Types of Trusts available through Special Needs Trust+

1st-Party Special Needs Trusts Also known as: Self-Funded, Self-Settled or d(4)a Trusts

Funded by: Property assets or awards belonging to the Beneficiary with special needs

Established by: The Beneficiary, Beneficiary’s parents, grandparents, guardians, attorney or the court

Funding Sources: Inheritances, life insurance awards, court settlement funds, disability payback from Social Security

3rd Party Special Needs Trusts

Funded by: with the property or assets belonging to the Grantor of the trust and may receive gifts and additions made by family and friends, but not by the Beneficiary’s assets

Established by: Parents, relatives, or friends of the Beneficiary with special needs considerations

Funding Sources: Always funded by someone other than the beneficiary. The trust can accept funding by any number of family members or friends at any time while living (inter vivos), or as a testamentary trust (a trust that is established via a Will, revocable living trust or other directive after the death of the Giftor such as transfer of bank accounts, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, RIAs, 401K or life

What is an SNT?

Special needs trusts, or SNTs, primary purpose is preserving government benefits while protecting client assets. Through the use of SNTs, a person who may otherwise lose eligibility for government benefits such as SSDI, SSI or Medicaid can continue to benefit from these government programs and still enjoy the use of their assets within limits. It is important to understand that there are two main types of special needs trusts, the primary differences between which relate to the source of the funds that the trust will attain.

Trust Creation

Creating a trust with Special Needs Trust+ is incredibly simple using TrustWare. TrustWare is patented trust creation software owned by Eastern Point Trust Company, which lets anybody create trusts. TrustWare guides you through the trust creation process, step-by-step, making trust creation simple and quick. Creating a special needs trust using TrustWare takes less than 30 minutes. By using engineered logic, TrustWare can detect contradictory statements and terms and it will block you from making any unwarranted mistakes. Novice or expert, you can create a custom SNT with Special Needs Trust+.

How it Works
  1. Log In. Log in or create an account.
  2. Start a New Trust. Begin a new trust by clicking “Start New” in your user dashboard.
  3. Select Special Needs Trust+. Find Special Needs Trust+ in the trust list and choose it to begin.
  4. Trust Assessment. Answer a few initial questions in order to determine the type of SNT that will meet your needs.
  5. Trust Design. Design the terms of the trust, using TrustWare, by answering a series of short but simple questions that you’ll know the answers to.
  6. Investment Direction. Select an actively managed model portfolio or elect to build a custom portfolio that will guide the trust investment directions.
  7. Review and Submit. Once you are satisfied with your trust, review the terms and submit the trust for trustee review.
  8. Sit Back, Relax. A team of trust professionals will work diligently on establishing the trust within 3-5 business days, on average.
  9. Trust Funding. Once the trust has been established, it can be funded with the assets that appropriately correspond to the type of special needs trust.
  10. Enjoy the Benefits. Special Needs Trust+ lets families and firms around the country benefit from special needs trusts by providing trust administration services throughout the trust’s existence, affordably bundled in the cost of Special Needs Trust+.
Trust Administration and Management

Special needs trusts historically require maintenance that’s costly. Eastern Point Trust Company has developed efficient procedures that have driven down the administrative expenses associated with the ongoing costs of SNTs. The low-cost structure of Special Needs Trust+ is a major advantage, all without sacrificing quality of service. Special Needs Trust+ includes (throughout the lifetime of every special needs trust):

  • Trust establishment software
  • Trust processing and shipping
  • Trust funding support
  • Institutional Trustee and Fiduciary service
  • Distribution support team
  • Online balance and statements
  • Online trust and supplemental document access
  • Ongoing trust document updates reflecting changes in trust law
  • Tax preparation, filing, and support
  • Investment options (mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and other equities)
  • And other custom trust needs
Trust Closing and Termination

When a trust reaches its final distribution, no longer holds any assets, and will not receive any future funding, it must be closed. This process is performed for each trust when the criteria for trust termination is met, by a dedicated Eastern Point team.