Settlement Protection TrustTM


The Settlement Protection Trust (SPT) is a specially designed trust account—utilizing patented trust technology and proprietary design features—which protects a settlement award while providing the Beneficiary with:

  • Unmatched flexibility to access funds
  • Asset and privacy protection
  • Institutional quality investment management
  • Fees lower than traditional settlement and trust solutions
Key Advantages
  • Asset Protection. Avoids the claims of future (and past) creditors and ex-spouses
  • Privacy Protection. Increased privacy that provides additional protection against third-party claims
  • Professional Protection. A professional Trust Protector serves as a “gatekeeper” ensuring that the Beneficiary is not improperly influenced or taken advantage of by third parties
Additional Benefits
  • Trust assets are readily accessible via either a Point of Sale Debit Card or a checking account (The Point of Sale Debit Card and checking account are reloaded monthly with a predetermined amount, but additional funding can be added at any time)
  • Point of Sale Debit Card may operate with, or without, custom spending restrictions (if required) to protect the Beneficiary (e.g. daily spending or cash withdrawal limits)
  • The assets may be used for any need or want of the Beneficiary, so as long the use benefits the Beneficiary and is prudent. (e.g. the Beneficiary requests to buy a spaceship, the Trustees would counsel the Beneficiary that such a purchase is not likely wise – but the Beneficiary could use the Trust assets to purchase a car, home, boat, RV, from the trust)
  • The Beneficiary may request that the Trust be terminated, or dissolved, at any time by merely requesting termination through the Trust Protector. Once terminated, all of the remaining assets will be paid out of the Trust so long as the Trust Protector is certain the Beneficiary is not being coerced by a third party (such as an ex-spouse or creditor) who intends to divert the assets away from the Beneficiary
  • The Trust also protects any current government benefit(s); or future government benefit(s) the Beneficiary may have or qualifies for in the future
  • Reduces potential family conflicts and stress as the Trust can act in the role of filtering unjustifiable family requests for funds from the Trust
  • Family members and independent care providers can be paid to care for the Beneficiary with the trust managing all tax reporting and DOL employment issues; thus, reducing the burden and risk associated with managing such providers
  • Simplified tax reporting, reduced or eliminated AMT, and eliminated Gift/Estate Tax.