Growth driven by our technology.


What is TrustWare? TrustWare is an intelligent collection of software that makes creating trusts quick and simple. Its capacity is not limited to QSFs, though. TrustWare has brought thousands closer to professional financial services such as individuals, families, attorneys, advisors, and firms. TrustWare is a primary pillar of QSF360, allowing firms to design a QSF in less than 15 minutes. It’s design versatility gives you the power to create single-beneficiary QSFs, design unique claimant distribution options, assign attorney fees to an assignment company, and more.

Our smart technology has helped Eastern Point Trust become the industry leader in low-cost fees. And it’s not even close. From the start, we have believed that by helping our clients reach their potential, our success will follow. That notion is embedded in every detail of TrustWare. It is built on simplicity and efficiency for one reason. To save our clients time and money. And by saving them time and money, they can continue to spend time growing their business – and not spend time burdened with time-consuming tasks.

So what is TrustWare, exactly? It is the key to your success.

How TrustWare started. These days, TrustWare is the groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing the financial sector – each and every day. However, it started humbly as a result of an unparalleled commitment to bring people closer to professional financial services. Our CEO, Glen Armand, founded what is known today as Eastern Point Trust Company in 1987. EPTC began servicing corporate clients by offering a blend of 401(k), deferred compensation plans, and other financial solutions. In the mid-2000s, as technology was being introduced into the financial sector, Eastern Point would begin designing technology that would disrupt an industry. In 2005, the project launched, paced to forever reshape the way individuals and firms would engage with trust technology. Over the next 11 years, our diverse team of programmers, digital security experts, UI/UX designers, financial advisors, CPAs, and trust lawyers, including a “Big 4” CPA firm and six national law firms, would help build every aspect of TrustWare.