Bottom-line benefits from a partner you can trust.

Government Regulated.

Eastern Point provides the safety and security that comes from utilizing a licensed and regulated institutional trust company. Unlike providers who operate under no ongoing government agency supervision or audit, Eastern Point Trust Company provides the peace of mind that only comes from having a nationwide trust company as the regulated fiduciary.

Single Claimant Capable.

Eastern Point provides support for both single-claimant and multi-claimant Qualified Settlement Funds pursuant to Regs. § 1.468-1(c)(2).

Clawback Options Available.

Include a clawback provision when designing the qualified settlement fund, quickly in just a single-click.

Special Needs Trust Services.

Only Eastern Point provides an integrated Special Needs Trust platform that provides the valuable and necessary protection of the claimants’ award from diluting their current and future government benefits.

Growth in Mind.

Too big or small? No way. Eastern Point maintains standing deposit and investment facilities with some of the country’s largest banks and financial institution networks, with the ability accommodate QSF/Settlement and Escrow trusts up to $2 billion. Expanded cash and investment deposit facilities are also available upon demand.

Compliant and Risk Averse.

With our independent internal and external compliance audit processes, Eastern Point provides an unmatched level of compliance and risk avoidance ensuring adherence to all applicable court, state and federal requirements as well as asset safekeeping.

Independent Trust Company.

Eastern Point is an independent multi-state, non-depositary trust company and offers no competing settlement, legal or insurance products.