Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked question sections has answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


Do I need to have a login to make a gift online?
Yes. Creating an account is simple and takes just a minute to complete (we never share nor sell account or login information). Gifting online with EPTC is the safest and quickest way to protect your information and make a gift directly to a trust.
Can an estate gift into a trust?
What’s the difference between 1st-party and 3rd-party trusts?
The primary difference between these types of trusts is defined by the IRS and relates to the source of funding and the nature of the trust.
Who can make a gift into a 1st-party trust?
1st-party trusts with EPTC must be funded with settlement proceeds belonging to the beneficiary.
Who can make a gift into a 3rd-party trust?
Typically, anyone other than the beneficiary may contribute to the funding and ongoing gifting into a 3rd-party trust. The account may not be funded by the beneficiary directly or with assets previously belonging to the beneficiary, prior to the establishment of the 3rd-party trust.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who can answer my tax-related questions?
Please consult a tax expert, EPTC does not provide legal or tax advice.
How do I contact EPTC?
EPTC representatives can be reached via phone or email, during standard operating hours, find contact info here!
What are EPTC’s hours of operation?
9am-4pm ET
Where are the forms located?
All forms can be accessed behind the login as well as the forms link the footer of the website, find them here!
How do I request changes to a trust?
Several EPTC trust solutions allow for the grantor and/or related parties, to petition the trust for changes to certain provisions. The link to the request form can be found here! For additional questions related to trust changes, please contact EPTC directly.


What information do I need to gift to a 3rd-party trust online?
A. EPTC Login Information (your account)
B. Trust ID
C. Name of Trust
D. Bank Info (your bank)
How does Online gifting work?
1. Log In
2. Go to Bank Info
3. Enter Bank Info
4. Click Gifts
5. Enter Trust ID
6. Verify Name of Trust
7. Enter Gift
8. Review and Submit Gift
What information do I need to gift to a trust via check?
A. Trust ID
B. Name of Trust
C. Trustee Address
Who do I make the check payable to?
Make the check payable to the exact name of the trust. It is not required but EPTC recommends that you include the Trust ID in the memo field.
Where do I send my check to?
Eastern Point Trust Company
C/O Eastern Point Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 232
Warrenton, VA 20188
Can I endorse a check that was not made payable to the trust?
Yes, occasionally, friends or family may incorrectly write the check. Instead of waiting on them to correct or rewrite the check, the recipient of the check (excluding the Beneficiary) may endorse the back of the check to make it payable to the exact name of the trust.


How do I request a distribution?
Requests to petition the trustee for a distribution must be received by the distributions team by emailing the request to: Please ensure the requests are not mailed directly to an EPTC staff member’s email, as this could cause a delay in processing.
How long will it take until I receive an approved distribution?
Assuming a distribution is received in good order, and prior to the 1 pm ET deadline, requests are typically processed same-day.
What are the distribution methods available?
Distributions from the trust can be made available as a domestic or international wire, a check, or a fund load to a Truelink card. The fee varies depending on method of distribution, for a complete listing of fees, access our fees here!


What methods can I use to fund a trust?
A trust may be funded with a check or wire. All checks received will have a funds availability hold of 10 business days, wires are posted to the account and available immediately.

TrueLink Cards

What is a Truelink card?
EPTC offers access to the TrueLink debit card service. The TrueLink Debit Card is a convenient restricted pre-funded and reloadable card, that allows for easier access to funds.
How can I use my Truelink card?
Depending on the type of trust you have with EPTC and the government benefits you may be receiving, you can use your Truelink card as you would a typical point of sale card. Some restrictions may be placed on the card to protect any uses that would jeopardize eligibility for or reduction of benefits.
Direct wires initiated from an external account includes a $75 fee, unless the wire is in an amount of $500,000, or more. Before initiating a direct wire of greater than $500,000, contact KissTrust Operations or call (855) 222-7513.
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