Custodial Escrow

Conduct capital raises confidently under SEC and state regulations with Eastern Point Trust Company as your complete back-office solution. Eastern Point’s Custodial Escrow Services are flexible and custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Escrow Services

Eastern Point’s Custodial Escrow Services serves as a professional third-party fiduciary for your conditional financial transactions. Our patented technology and industry-leading expertise, innovation and flexibility can support all of your escrow needs.
As a trusted resource to both key market constituents including law firms, investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms and consultants, Eastern Point provides a level of service excellence that distinguishes us in the marketplace.
Platform advantages:

• Consistent and streamlined documentation requirements.
• Accelerated delivery with new escrow accounts within one (1) business day.
• Customized and standard template escrow agreements.
• Integrated technology platform for controlled, accurate and timely disbursements.
• Industry-leading technology and online portal to help manage your escrow accounts.
• Up to $125 Million In FDIC insurance per underlying investor/claimant/beneficiary while maintaining same-day liquidity.
• Competitive fee structure.
• Detailed activity and asset reporting.
• End to end support for Reg D, Reg CF, Reg A, 506(b), 506(c), and Intrastate offerings.

Fast, flexible, and affordable our custodial escrow solution is custom-tailored to your specific requirements. Eastern Point’s custodial solution allows you to conduct your capital raises seamlessly under SEC and state regulations utilizing Eastern Point’s turnkey service, full BSA compliance support.

Eastern Point’s custodial escrow services include:
• Transaction funding and milestone arrangements
• Private Placements
• Subscription Deposits
• Project Finance Escrow
• Paying Agent Escrow
• Continuing Performance Settlement Agreements
• Confidential Settlement Agreements
• §468B Qualified Settlement Funds:
• Class Action
• Mass Tort
• Single Event
• Single Claimant
• Collateral deposit agreements
• Indemnity
• Hold-Back
• Reversionary (clawback)
• Good Faith
• Judgment Appeal

All Eastern Point Trust Custodial Escrow features include:
• Online account access to balances, statements, and transactions.
• On-demand real-time reporting.
• Up to $125 million in FDIC insurance per investor/claimant.
• Daily cash balances held in money market.
• Sub accounting by the individual investor (optional).
• Record-keeping and tax reporting.
• Multi-party approval requirements for distributions.
• Same day liquidity and distributions.
• Confidential/Anonymous trust structure.
• Protected from third party claims.
• International Cross-Border Support.

Leverage Eastern Point’s complete proprietary technology-driven escrow funds processing and compliance solutions for your capital raises and back-office needs.
If it’s not a complete solution – It’s not a Solution

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