Clerks, Commissioners and Courts Blocked and Restricted Account Trusts
Better Outcomes for Courts - Greater Accessibility for Beneficiaries
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Experience Online Access and Real Time Tracking with C3BR

C3BR provides Courts an alternative solution to traditional bank accounts for Blocked and Restricted accounts. By providing robust fiduciary controls, supervision, 24/7 access to account data, and greater design flexibility; C3BR affords better outcomes for the Courts, and Minor and Incompetent Adult beneficiaries.

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The only online trust solution developed for courts, for block and restricted accounts 
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The C3BR solution

The C3BR solution offered by ACOMTA provides alternative solutions to the basic bank savings account.
Offer fiduciary controls and oversight to prevent unauthorized distributions.
Flexible account design customized based on Court instructions.
Account assets are protected from the claims of third parties, divorcing spouses and creditors.
Improved  government support benefits and Federal Student Financial Aid
Reporting and monitoring capability for the Court
Reduce the liability burdens on the beneficiary and the beneficiary’s family due to the “Kiddie Tax”.

Clerks, Commissioners and Court Blocked and Restricted Account Options

C3BR’s patented proprietary technology provides customized solutions to meet the
needs of the Court. Today with C3BR courts now have the highlighted options below.

No software to install, no bank fees or costs to utilize the system.

Distribution payments are made quickly
Security in place to ensure distribution is paid out in entirety to the right person
Ability to keep track of medical benefits and social security numbers
Provides safeguards so that minors maintain benefits

C3BR is administered by Eastern Point Trust the trust administrator to some of the most landmark cases in recent history. 

Safeguard Your Clients Interests

C3BR is all an encompassing alternative trust solution for beneficiaries who currently only have traditional banking as their option.
National Law Firms & Private Practices
Settlement Planners

C3BR Advantage

C3BR’s patented proprietary technology provides customized solutions to meet the needs of the Court. Quick and easy to implement, the system is accessible via most modern web browsers.
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C3BR Account Comparison

Learn more about the differences between C3BR accounts and traditional bank savings accounts.

Distribution RoadMap

C3BR has chartered a framework the simplifies the distribution payout process.
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A Proprietary FDIC Banking Network
The Association of Court Ordered and Monitored Trusts and Accounts, Inc. (ACOMTA), (a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofi t corporation whose mission it is to assist the Courts through education, and facilitate related solutions) sponsors the national Clerks, Commissioners and Court Blocked and Restricted Account Trust (C3BR).

ACOMTA, through its trust administration partner, has assembled a proprietary nationwide FDIC banking network to custody the assets and provide FDIC insured protection up to $125,000,000 per beneficiary/claimant.

Most importantly, only banks that are classified as “Well Capitalized” (as defined by the FDIC) are eligible
for inclusion.

The FDIC, in determining capitalization status, takes into account four main ratios: Leverage Ratio, Common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratio, Tier 1 Capital Ratio and Total Risk-Based Capital Ratio. Together these ratios provide insight into a particular bank’s ability to with-stand economic adversity.

Additionally, all banks within the network are actively screened on an ongoing basis to ensure that each meets the credit quality standards of the program. The CAMEL analysis, third party ratings, and BENCH Scores are tools used to assess each bank’s credit profile. The purpose of this screening process is to provide an additional layer of security, which not only supplements the complete FDIC insurance cover-age provided on all deposits, but serves to mitigate the potential for banks failure within the program, thus guarding against a failure’s potential impact on deposit liquidity and yield.
DISCLAIMER: Program Administered by ASSOCIATION OF COURT ORDERED AND MONITORED TRUSTS AND ACCOUNTS, INC (ACOMTA). The information herein is not intended to be legal advice, and should not be constructed as legal advice. ACOMTA and its affi liated companies are not law fi rms, are not a lawyer referral service, do not act as your attorney. We are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney and do not provide any advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible legal rights nor express legal guidance on the matters contained herein. Seek the advice of an attorney if you have questions concerning remedies, defenses, options or strategies.
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