Settlement Trusts

The settlement planning industry is changing – and our settlement trust solutions are driving that change.

More affordable at $49

Each of our three settlement trust types are materially less expensive to establish at just $49 per trust.

Single-day creation

Trust creation is more efficient than ever – a settlement trust can be created in one business-day or less.

Lower trustee fees

Preserve Trust assets with lowest trustee fees in the industry.

Additional Benefits
  • May be established as a (d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust or Settlement Protection Trust™
  • Integrates with QSF360™ for single and multi-claimant events
  • Integrates with C3BR™ for court ordered blocked, restricted, and custodial accounts for minors, incompetent adults, or unlocatable persons
  • Offers a combination SNT+MSA trust type

Our three settlement trust types cover an entire spectrum of settlement needs.

1st Party (Self-Settled) Settlement Protection Trust™

The Settlement Protection Trust™ is the most cost-effective, trust-based solution for those seeking to avoid the “retention risk” penalty of using a pooled trust. Also, the Settlement Protection Trust™ can structure the distributions as taxable to ensure the beneficiary qualifies for available tax subsidies and credits.

1st Party (Self-Settled) (d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust (SNT)

The 1st Party (Self-Settled) (d)(4)(A) Special Needs Trust (SNT) is established under 42 USC 1396p (d)(4)(A). Predominantly, it is utilized by a disabled beneficiary that cannot otherwise qualify for Medicaid because they have too many assets. By using our Self-Settled Special Needs Trust (SNT), a beneficiary is able to preserve their eligibility for government benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid, while benefiting from their settlement proceeds.

Combination 1st Party (Self-Settled) Special Needs Trust (SNT) + Medicare Set-Aside Trust (MSA)

The combination 1st Party (Self-Settled) Special Needs Trust (SNT) + Medicare Set-Aside Trust (MSA) is a combination of two robust trust types, which maximizes an individual’s government benefits, Medicare benefits, and settlement proceeds with a Medicare set-aside option.